Walk the Talk

An ACB Social Justice Initiative

Memorial walks and peaceful protests from the American Church to the Brandenburg Gate

We are a Christ-centered body of faith, and as such we are to do more than profess our faith and speak about the good works of Jesus. We are called to put our faith into action.  
We are called to be the “Hands and Feet” of Christ, as we put words like “Love your Neighbor” into visible action. When challenged by the question “Am I the keeper of my sisters and brothers?”, we are called to answer with a resounding “Yes!” and act accordingly, responding to their need, as we walk through the  world.
Right now, in this season of struggle, it is our sisters and brothers, our neighbors of our black communities in America who, need our help most. In addition to our prayerful attention, they need our solidarity, and our active support, as we walk with them and join in their struggle for social justice, for fair and equitable treatment, and literally for their lives.  
In response to a need to “stand up and speak ” and the desire to “do something to help” that so many of you have expressed, ACB will host a series of weekly “Talks” at American Church in Berlin and lead “Walks” to the Brandenburg Gate. 

We want to organize ourselves in the safest way possible, so we will practice physical distancing, and everyone is asked to wear a face mask to help keep each other safe. 

We also wish to show our support in the most visible, positive, and impactful way possible. We ask that you wear black clothing (a black top/shirt). For this first Walk, we will provide signs for people to carry with memorial images and we ask you to bring a red flower as a memorial symbol for a life cut short by injustice.