Church Council

The Church Council consists of eight people elected by the congregation to serve for a term of two years. According to our Articles of Incorporation and Constitution, the council is “to consider and discuss all matters pertaining to the general welfare of the congregation,” to act in matters committed to it by the congregation, and to establish committees. The council also elects, from among its members, the officers of the church: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The council is responsible for hiring church employees (other than the pastor) and setting their salaries, as well as supervising church finances.

The council cannot do its work without the active participation of the various committees and other members of the congregation. Most of the gathering and evaluating of information takes place in the committees, who then make recommendations for their specialized areas to the council. Council encourages all members of ACB to take an active part in the church’s work.

Denise B.-G., President
Sue S.-H., Vice-President
Alan B., Treasurer
Claudia L., Secretary
Amanda H.-W.
Jonathan Y.
Christy S.
Peggy H.