Organ Refurbishment

Help Us Restore and Save a Berlin Landmark!

photo: organ big pipes

Join with the American Church in Berlin in preserving the rich musical heritage of the Protestant Reformation in Berlin-Brandenburg. Since 2002, the American Church in Berlin has had its home in the historic Luther Church on Dennewitzplatz in the Schöneberg district.

Luther Church is home to the second-largest organ in Berlin built by the Detlef Kleuker organ company, dedicated on May 7, 1964 with 2,970 pipes, 39 registers, three manuals, and pedals. Throughout the first 30 years of its existence, the organ was played at many concerts and musical events.

With the decline of the original German congregation and subsequent lack of funding, maintenance of this fine instrument has sadly been neglected. The organ is over 50 years old, and is in dire need of major cleaning and refurbishment.

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The congregation has accepted the offer by organ builder Jost Truthmann to refurbish and restore the organ. Mr. Truthmann broke down the restoration into four smaller phases to give the congregation time to raise the necessary funds. Phases I through III have been successfully completed. To finalize the project, we are seeking to raise 18,000 euros.

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organ: manual
  • Phase I planned to begin February 2015
  • Phase II planned to begin 2016
  • Phase III planned to begin 2017 (500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation!)
  • Phase IV planned to finish by 2018

Thank you for your prayerful support!