Prayer Gem

Prayer Connection to the Source

Aalways be ready to make your defense
to anyone who demands from you
an accounting for hope that is in you;
yet do it with gentleness and reverence.

1 Peter 3:15-16

Begin this time of prayerful meditation by recalling the gift of hope that the risen Jesus brought to each person who experienced his presence when he moved among them after being raised. Visualize Jesus bringing hope.

No matter how you are emotionally, mentally, physically, invite hope into your life.
Allow hope to enter into your mind.
Allow hope to enter into your spirit.
Allow hope to enter into your body.
Allow yourself to be filled with hope.

Imagine the Spirit of Jesus stirring up newness,
finding the dead places that exist within your spirit,
and creating a meadow of flowers inside of you.
Visualize this open space, the flower buds unfolding,
filling the spacious meadow with color and fragrance.

Let hope fill your mind with a sense of purpose and direction.
Let hope fill your spirit with life and enthusiasm.
Let hope fill your whole body with a garden of gratitude.
Let hope fill your heart and draw you into renewed love.

Rest quietly in your restored hope.
Let the power of Risen Love come to life in your heart.