The American Church in Berlin (Schöneberg, Dennewitzplatz) is looking for an organist (C‐Kirchenmusiker) beginning September 1st until at least December 31st 2020. The position is a regular 30% one in accordance with the Evangelischen Kirche Berlin‐Brandenburg‐schlesische Oberlausitz Tarifvertrag (TV‐EKBO) C‐Kirchenmusiker guidelines and is meant to include choir direction. Due to Covid‐19 restrictions we are currently willing to offer a short‐term contract (negotiable on a Mini Job basis) without choir direction and happy to welcome everyone who is looking for a short term contract to audition. The organ is a Kleuker organ built for the Luther Kirche in 1964. It has 3 manuals, 60 ranks and 39 registers.


Application deadline is the 15th of August, 2020.

Please send your application to:job@americanchurchberlin.de.

American Church in Berlin e.V. c/o Julie Olbert

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