Food Pantry

Friday 15 May.
We have opened our pantry! Mark L. and Ashlyn T. kindly ask you to bring a can or package from the list below the next time you find your way to the church or the office:
Rice, Pasta, Canned fruit, Canned vegetables (especially corn), Canned tomatoes (in any form), Canned beans (kidney beans, white beans, chick peas), Canned fish (especially tuna, but also sardines, mackerel), Ravioli without meat (vegetarian), Canned Leberwurst, Soups, especially without meat, Instant coffee, Tea (any kind), H-Milk, Fruit juices, Chocolate, Bags for people to take the food away
Swing by the Luther Church between 16:00 and 17:00 and the goods will be distributed for one hour as of 17:00.