The ACB Praise Band

The ACB Praise Band leads worship at the 1:30pm Contemporary Praise Service.



You are invited to join us on Thursday evenings from 7:00pm to 9:00pm to rehearse and help lead the Praise Worship each Sunday at 1:30pm as a musician or tech support.



Please contact our Contemporary Worship Leader, Eva Diestel, if you would like to join this group

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Meet the Band!

evAEva Diestel

ACB's Praise Band leader. I am very happy to have this opportunity to bring more people to Christ through praise music at the American Church in Berlin. I first came to the ACB with ACB Chamber Choir Director, Travis Shaw. I immediately felt at home and have had the chance to accompany all of ACB's choirs over the past four years – Chamber Choir, Contemporary Choir and Gospel Choir. I co-founded the 50 member gospel choir Marvelous Praise and currently play in my Christian praise band, Abraxas. I feel I am most at home when playing gospel and jazz piano, but I also enjoy playing alto saxophone and guitar.
The ACB Praise Band has been a great new challenge for me. I was happy to help start a contemporary worship service when I was asked to in 2014. From designing worship fliers to recruiting musicians, I have enjoyed most every minute of this work! I lead the Praise Band and Choir from the piano/keyboard and I am blessed to work with this wonderful group of musicians and singers.

MoniqueMonique Amado

was born in Berlin, but lived most of her life in various parts of the U.S. including 15 years in Portland, Oregon. She is a writer, contemplative poet, singer-songwriter, actor, dancer and sometimes painter. She holds a certificate of Modern Music Ministry from Visible School of Music in Memphis. She is also a life, wellness and creativity coach. She loves animals, books, fairy tales, vegan food, meaningful conversations and most of all, God.

angieAngela "Angie" Eren

singer, guitarist, song-writer, born in the USSR, moved to Berlin in 2001, joined the ACB in 2007.
She is a pedagogue and an executive director of a provider of Child Welfare Services W&W Wunderkids GmbH.

RenardRenard Dalin Hoover

is a guitar operator/fretted-instrument specialist working professionally for five decades. He has a BA-Music, Chicago Music College, and authored Right-Hand Development for Jazz Guitar, CPP/Belwin, 1980. It was reviewed and recommended by Guitar Player magazine. He has worked in a wide variety of music contexts: from blues bars to headliner rock clubs; from NYC high-society galas to star singer-entertainer show bands; and over 35-years experience in dozens of Broadway and Off-Broadway music theater productions. He has subbed on seven Broadway shows in NYC, and has over ten years of music theater touring experience in North America and Europe. He has taught hundreds of guitar students from beginners to novice amateurs to aspiring professionals. His immediate goals are: find a new music publisher for his guitar pedagogical works written subsequent to his first book's publication, and become an official cancer survivor sometime in 2016!

KristiKristi Kienberger

spent the early part of her career teaching instrumental music (concert band, jazz band, marching band, orchestra and chamber ensembles) in San Francisco Bay Area high schools. She continued her music education career on St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands where she conducted the Caribbean Chorale and the University of the Virgin Islands Concert Choir.  She has served as a clinician for California Music Educator’s Association local and state festivals, as well as researching and presenting the session: Alton Augustus Adams: First Black US Navy Band Director.  Singing is always Kristi’s first go-to for fun and relaxation.  Go Praise Band!

StevePastor Steve Kienberger

Making up 50% of the ACB Praise Band horn section our pastor Reverend Stephan Mark Kienberger not only leads the service, but also plays the trombone...sometimes.

KumarKumar Vasanth

Kumar Vasanth, was born and raised in India. He is the member of ACB since 40 years. Currently retired. His father was the church musician and was very much interested in influencing his children in singing in the church. He feels it is a joy to sing for the Lord and through the Praise Band he is privileged to sing for the glory of the Lord.

KARINKarin von Rosen

You could say I discovered my voice by God’s Grace in a tiny Episcopalian chapel in Vista, New York when I was 12 years of age. My mother had taken me along to church for the first time (besides Christmas and the occasional Easter services) and had me stand next to her to fill up space in the almost empty choir loft with 3 other singers plus the organist, who was also the choir director. Amazingly, there in this small place filled with God’s Spirit and inspired by a guitar swinging young pastor, my voice blossomed and a passion for singing God’s Praises was kindled. During high school and college years I continued to sing in many choirs, ensembles, quartets and musical theater productions. Upon arrival in Berlin over 30 years ago, I joined the Berliner Kammer Chor. After a small “Baby-Pause” I found ACB, and ACB found me! Already at my second visit whilst church-hopping, looking for a church home, I was warmly welcomed into the fold and invited to sing in the Chamber Choir. Later I joined the Contemporary and Gospel Choirs, wafter ACB moved to the Lutherkirche in 2002.  When the Praise Service was envisioned in 2014 I felt a deep call to explore this new, exciting opportunity to celebrate God’s amazing love at ACB, not yet realizing what a gift this music and type of service would be for me personally. Since then the service and the band have grown incredibly by the Grace of God. I have been deeply touched and moved by the music, the meditations and relationships which have grown out of this small family of musicians in this last year. It’s such a joy and privilege to work and grow together under Eva Diestel’s wonderful leadership.

 Peter Povilonis

 Alex Pluquett

Music and theatre are my profession and my passion. Here in ACB me and my little family found even a bigger family and I’m happy to bring in my love for music also in the praise band. 


They put the Funk into Praise!

The Praise Horns bring their percussive jazzy horn power to ACB’s Praise Band. Led by Stephen Kienberger, who is not only the pastor of ACB but also the horn section's trombone player, the swinging horn trio also features Alexander Pluquett on trumpet and Rudi Mallasch on alto saxophone. All are accomplished musicians, who have performed in numerous jazz, R&B, pop, and classical ensembles throughout their musical careers. Together they create the special sound of the Praise Band and its extensive song repertoire. The Praise Horns bring the musical heritage of Earth, Wind & Fire, James Brown and Tower of Power into the Praise service every Sunday at 1:30 pm.

Hearing is believing! Romans 10:17  

We are an ecumenical, international church. Our members come from more than 17 Christian denominations and 30 different nations. With all the diversity of our backgrounds, we are united by our Christian faith, the English language and the spirit of generosity that appreciates and rejoices in our differences as well as in all we have in common as Christian sisters and brothers.

Sunday Worship: 11:00 AM

Sunday Praise Worship: 1:30 PM

Sunday School (Sundays) 11:00 AM during worship

Confirmation: (Sundays) 12:15 to 1:15 PM


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