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South Africa - HIV-AIDS project

ACB’s mission project in South Africa is located in Shatale in the north east province Limpopo, not far from the border with Kruger National Park.

The Bushbuckridge Mission educates families on AIDS prevention and cares for children suffering from the effects of HIV/AIDS.

People are trained to sew school uniforms for orphans, do bead work and to make candles and soap to help out their community. The people in the project are also trained in effective gardening techniques. If you would like to get involved in our South Africa project you are invited to be a member of our missions committee at ACB.

For further information please call the church office at (030) 813 20 21 or write an Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! .

Christ's Hands

Christ's Hands

"Christ has no body on earth but yours,

no hands but yours, no feet but yours;
yours are the eyes through which the compassion of Christ looks out on a hurting world,
yours are the feet with which he goes about doing good;

yours are the hands with which he is to bless now."

Teresa of Avila.

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Live Generously

When you support ACB with a donation you help ensure that ACB is able to continue to offer and expand its programs to those in need in our local community as well as some of the world’s most needy in foreign countries. For more information please click here or call the church office at (030) 813 20 21 or e-mail


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