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Development & Projects

ACB supports several mission projects both local and international.

Our local projects:

ACB has plans for a seven-day-a-week center of Christian-based activity. We have the vision of having church’s doors open for worship, mediation, education, food distribution to the needy, faith-based counselling, concerts and more.

Our international projects:

Programs of Christian service are becoming part of every day life, the food distribution program “Laib und Seele” (Body/Bread & Soul) or the Outreach and Cultural Exchange Program (OCEP).

We currently support five international mission projects:

  • an orphanage in Romania
  • the Bushbuckridge Mission to educate families on AIDS prevention and care for children suffering from the effects of HIV/AIDS in South Africa,
  • the Horn of Africa project to educate women in rural African villages in Ethiopia
  • as well as the a Women's Empowerment Program through the Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (ISPCK) in India,
  • and a medical services program in Yelagari, India.

When you support ACB with a donation you help ensure that ACB is able to continue to offer and expand its programs to those in need in our local community as well as some of the world’s most needy in foreign countries. For more information please call the church office at (030) 813 20 21 or e-mail

Thank you for your Support!


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