The ACB Praise Band

The ACB Praise Band leads worship at the 1:30 pm Contemporary Gospel Praise Service.



You are invited to join us on Thursday evenings from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm to rehearse and help lead the Praise Worship each Sunday at 1:30 pm as a musician or tech support.



Please contact our Contemporary Worship Leader, Eva Diestel, if you would like to join this group

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We enjoy the following partnerships and value our work with them. You may click on their names to go to the web links and learn more about these organizations:

American and Foreign Christian Union (AFCU). You can contribute to our congregation through the AFCU and receive a certificate for U.S. tax deduction purposes. Please make your check payable to "The American Foreign Christian Union" (AFCU) and put the words "for ACB" on the memo line of your check. You may also go to their website for more information and details on how to become involved in their important work.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Like the AFCU you may direct your designated giving to ACB through the ELCA Global Gift's program. Please indicate "American Church in Berlin" on your donation or the memo line of your check. A certificate for deduction purposes may be received.

Association of International Churches in Europe and the Middle East (AICEME). We participate in this organizations activities and appreciate their support through prayer and fellowship.

Introducing our newest partner, Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church (KMLC) in Omaha, NE!

Visit their website at:

Their mission is framed by the words: Worship. Grow. Serve

In 2013 Kountze Memorial entered into a sister church relationship that will run through 2017 which celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in Germany. Kountze has been a supporter of ACB in past years and we look with anticipation to the opportunities God will provide through our partnership in the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Thank you friends and members of KMLC for joining with us!

Download this file (AFCU Bridge Summer 2016.pdf)AFCU Bridge Summer 2016[AFCU Newsletter]1560 Kb
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Join Us-Sundays

11 AM & 1:30 PM

Luhter Kirche

We are an ecumenical, international church. Our members come from more than 17 Christian denominations and 30 different nations. With all the diversity of our backgrounds, we are united by our Christian faith, the English language and the spirit of generosity that appreciates and rejoices in our differences as well as in all we have in common as Christian sisters and brothers.

Sunday Worship: 11:00 AM

Sunday Gospel Praise Worship: 1:30 PM

Sunday School (Sundays) 11:00 AM during worship

Confirmation: (Sundays) 12:15 to 1:15 PM

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