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Stewardship – Contagious Generosity 

Relates to the GROW umbrella group 


-      Conducts year-round stewardship education of time, talents and resources 

-      lifts  up  stewardship  and  contagious  generosity  concepts  and  practices  throughout  the year 

-      conducts an annual Stewardship – Contagious Generosity response program 

-      Considers ways to create a culture of generous giving among members 

-      Coordinates monthly 2-3 minute “Thanksgiving Moments” by members at the third Sunday of the month worship service 

-      Provides opportunities for the congregation to offer their time and talents 

-      Organizes monthly Stewardship/Generous-giving articles for ACB newsletter 

-      Provides and encourages pledge card giving

-      Organizes an annual leadership appreciation event 

-      Organizes an annual staff appreciation event 

-      Invites the congregation to make a year-end gift



Relates to the GROW umbrella group

Finance ...

-       Gathers information from all committees in order to prepare the budget for the next year. Information to be available by all committees by the September Council meeting

-       Prepares the next year budget to be presented to the October Council meeting for conversation and adoption. Council adopted proposed budget presented to Fall Annual Congregational Budget meeting.

-       Organizes an annual audit of the financial records

-       Meets monthly to oversee the financial operations of the church on the Saturday following the 15th of each month for the purpose of reviewing the monthly financial statement. Reviewed statement with recommendations or explanations to be forwarded to the Church Council on the following Monday for their review previous to their Council meeting

-       Organises regular opportunities to encourage people to become involved in the various committees

-       Makes decision about the use of offering envelopes

-       Organises and oversees monthly bulletin updates of finances of ACB

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