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Property Committee plays a mostly unseen and yet vital role in ACB’s community life. We at this committee have been entrusted to facilitate the church and parsonage as well as office. Since we cannot afford a janitor, volunteers are requested to step in and help.

We have a lot to do to keep ACB running. We are conceptually responsible for maintaining the various insurances, van, Luther church, and parsonage.

Maintenance of the Luther Church means:

  • monitoring the furnace,
  • furnishings,
  • appliances, 
  • the church building itself: roof, plumbing, electricity, and broken items,
  • sound system,
  • organizes and advertises regular clean-up days: May and October


Maintenance of Parsonage & Church Office is to be understood as:

  • appliances,
  • minor fixings,
  • broken items.

How do you come into this picture? Simple. We need minds and hands. We meet on every second Tuesday of a month to develop, discuss, and overview maintenance issues and renovation issues and use of the church.

Regular help during the spring and summer months:

  • mow the lawn,
  • trim the hedges,
  • plant flowers,
  • repair lawn damages,
  • clean church area.

During the few winter months we need somebody to remove snow prior to the service on Sunday.

Help ACB on our semi-annual Clean Up Days in May and October. On each of these days we want

  • clean and maintain the kitchen,
  • clean and maintain the confirmation room,
  • clean and maintain the entry area – inside and outside,
  • clean and maintain the nursery area,
  • clean and maintain the Sunday school area,
  • clean and maintain the sanctuary,
  • clean and maintain the new multi-purpose room,
  • clean and maintain the four bathrooms,
  • clean and maintain the sacristy,
  • clean and maintain the basement.

Property Committee meets every second Tuesday of a month in the multi-purpose room in the Luther Church. We look forward to meet you there.

Who we are? This committee is lead by its vice chairmen:

    • Alexander von Engelhardt
    • Robert Bakke

Something broken? Want to contact us? If you do not meet either of us around the service, please write us an email  Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

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